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Relocation Specialist - "ReloSpec"

A Web-based database with hands-on access to your data, client's contact info, & reports

Relocation Specialist is Web-based which means that you can access live data from any personal computer in the world, with an Internet connection. Wherever you are, you will always have hands-on access to your data, your client's contact information and your reports.

Secondly, software updates and product enhancements are completed for you automatically. We take care of all the maintenance and ensure the product operates smoothly, with no hassles on your end. Your data is housed on a secure server and backed-up every day.

Express Forms

The ReloSpec Express forms help streamline the process for incoming or outgoing referrals. Click the link to open the page, fill-in the fields, select the desired Action Plan and ReloSpec does the rest. It saves the record, assigns the tasks and sends the emails; all with one click!

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If you’re not using the ‘Express’ forms you are working too hard! The “old” way for entering records is to be in the Client List page, click ADD NEW, fill-in the fields, save the record, then click Action Plans, select the one you want, then run AutoPilot separately in yet another step. Stop doing that! Try using the Express forms and see how much time it can save!


The ReloSpec AutoPilot sends update requests, client letters and more. Just identify which form or letter, who it should go to and when. AutoPilot does the rest. And, AutoPilots that repeat are automatically scheduled for the next date based on your choices.

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By clicking the ‘AutoPilot’ link you view the AutoPilots that are due to be sent. You may send them all, or one at a time. If you see one that should be delayed a few days just click the pencil to edit the record, change the due date and Save it.

Or, by requesting ‘AutoPilot Express’ you can have the AutoPilot send your emails whether you're logged in or not.  Once a day all your AutoPilots will be sent for you.  Just let a member of the ReloSpec Team know you want 'AutoPilot Express'.  (There is no additional charge for this feature.)


Action Plans

Action Plans allow you to set-up the way a new referral is handled with one keystroke. For example, let's say with every new referral you like to A) Email a custom letter to the client, B) Assign the referral, C) Send a Referral Confirmation to the source, D) Schedule yourself to check- in with the client and E) Send Update requests to the Agent every two weeks. You could create ONE action plan that sets A, B, C, D & E into motion... AUTOMATICALLY!!!!

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You may have as many Action Plans as you like, and each Action Plan can have as many Items as you need. Even if the Action Plan has just one Item, it is still faster than creating the Task (AutoPilot) manually.

Each Action Plan Item can include all the features of a Task item, including sending attachments you have uploaded to your Company folder, repeating the Item (such as update requests to agents every two weeks) and customized letters.

When combined with the ‘Express’ forms, Action Plans make entering new referrals a snap! From the Main Menu select the Express form you need (Incoming or Outgoing), select the Action Plan to be run and SUBMIT. Everything is saved, scheduled and sent automatically.


Looking for a relocation professional in a part of the country that’s new to you? Or, do you want other brokers to find you when they have a similar need? Update the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page in the SETTINGS PAGE. Enter all the Cities you service so when others are searching in your area, your name will appear.

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Over 400 companies and over 1,000 people use ReloSpec. When you have an Outgoing referral, chances are it is going to another company using ReloSpec. Use the SEND button to send a copy of the referral directly to the other person’s database. Or, if you’re receiving a referral from someone else, ask if they use ReloSpec, and if so have the SEND it to you. Not only do you avoid re-entering the data, but the records will be synchronized. Changes made in one database will be automatically reflected in the other one.



The Referral Submit Form is the easiest way to avoid entering new records. Why not have the agent or contact submit it to your database for you? Either email the form to agent or provide a link on your website or your Email Signature for others to use.

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Or, you can have the client use the new ‘Referral Submit-Needs Analysis’ form to provide many details about themselves and their real estate needs. Details from the form are inserted into your Import table for you to review, move to the Referrals table and assign an agent. It’s a great way to gather details to help the client!


Create your own custom letters or special instructions using the ‘Body of Letter’ feature. All Body of Letter items use HTML formatting and can include various font types, sizes and colors. Or, create the Body of Letter in another software product then copy/paste the HTML code into your Body of Letter.

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Access the Body of Letter page by clicking the FORMS link in the Client List page, then click the ‘Lookup the Body of Letter’ link at the top of the page.

Click ADD NEW to create a new Body of Letter.  There is link to a free online HTML editor below the Body of Letter grid.  Click the link, create the text you want it to look, click the SOURCE button, then copy/paste the code into the Body of Letter, then click ADD NEW RECORD.

Once the Body of Letter is created, return the FORMS page, select a form where the ‘Is Body of Letter used?’ has a checkmark (ie. Custom letter to Client) and you can view the form with the Body of Letter inserted.  Using the Tasks page or the Action Plans page you can schedule when the form with the Body of Letter should be sent and to whom.

I have been using Relo Spec since 2002. I can not imagine
doing my job without it. It is so easy to use.

Michele Minotti, CENTURY 21 Excellence Realty


Do you have a special team of agents you want to send referrals to? Use the [Agent Info] field in the Agents table to enter the name of the team then use it to search for those agents later.

Or, do you want ReloSpec to automatically assign the ‘next’ agent? In the Agents table, set the [Auto Assign?] field to TRUE. Then let ReloSpec tell you which agent is next for a referral.

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ReloSpec tracks the last assigned date for referrals assigned to each agent. When using the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link in the Client List page or in the Express Incoming form click the ‘View AutoAssign Agents Only’ button and you’ll see the list of agents along with the name of the ‘next’ agent. You have the option to manually override the default choice.

The ‘Last Assigned Date’ is displayed in the last column in the grid.


The RESPONSES table contains all responses from agents, contacts and clients. Once the online form is submitted the result comes right into the table. You’ll see who is responding, the name of the client and other details about the referral record.

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When viewing the ‘Responses’ link on the Main Menu (in the Express settings) you’ll see a number representing the number of responses waiting for your review. If more than one person uses ReloSpec in your office, the number displayed is the number for your specific responses.

There are three handy things you can do with responses. By clicking the pencil you can change the status of the referral record, or you could edit what was said in the response from the agent, or you could click one of the blue buttons to ‘Forward’ a copy of the response to someone else. When the response is processed by ReloSpec the selected functions (ie. Status or editing or Forwarding) are performed.

The Tickler

The Tickler displays all To Do items not yet completed including Update Requests not yet completed by the agents.

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The Tickler page will display all tasks as of today’s date that are not yet completed. It will display who you’re waiting on for what and how long it has been since making the request. If Responses you’re waiting for exceed your limitation there is a RESEND button that allows you to re-send the request. ReloSpec will record in the Notes the second request you sent as well as the date/time.

If you want to view the referral record for an item in the Tickler page, select the item, leave the Tickler page open and on the Client List page click the ‘Quick’ button. ReloSpec will instantly filter for the record and allow you to click the pencil and review the record. The ‘Quick’ button changes to ‘No Quick’ which when clicked will remove the filter.

Scheduled Reports

Need a certain report to be emailed regularly? The Scheduled Reports feature allows you to identify which report goes to whom and when. ReloSpec will send reports to Agents or Office Managers who will be able to view ONLY records that are unique to them. It's a great way to get monthly reports to those who need them.

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The Scheduled Reports feature uses the Body of Letter feature to create a link that will be emailed to the Agent or Office manager or anyone want to receive the report. The Body of Letter is then inserted into a form that is sent using the AutoPilot.

The person receiving the email can click the link and view the report online. That person may be able to change the Date Range used for the report but cannot view the report for another agent or another office.

If you would like to take advantage of the Scheduled Reports feature, review the video in the REPORTS section of the Training Videos page.


Ready to change your ReloSpec Color Theme? The Color Theme defines what colors and buttons appear on the various ReloSpec pages. There are 10 different Themes to choose from. From the Main Menu click SETTINGS, USERS, select your name and click the pencil. Click the ‘View Choices’ button to see the various themes.

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There are other choices that make up your ‘profile’. Another important field in the Users table is the Email Signature field. After entering your information on the left column, click the ‘Auto-Create’ button to have ReloSpec create your Email Signature for you. It will include a link to the ‘Referral Submit Form’ so if someone wants to submit a referral to you, then can click the link, fill out the online form and SUBMIT. The new referral comes right into your Import table and you’ll get an email letting you know it’s there!


Agent Access

Agent Access provides Read Only access to records assigned to your agent. The agent won't have to wait for an update request in order to submit an update to you. The agent can submit new referrals, update existing referrals and view 'Public' Notes.

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You can create the IDs/Passwords for as many agents as you want to login. This is done from the SETTINGS, USERS table. Just click ADD NEW, fill-in the fields and select “Agent” for the License Level. Have your agents go to and login using the ID/Password you provide. You may add or remove ‘Agent’ users at any time. (There is no additional charge for this feature.)

Corporate Access

Corporate Access provides your Corporate accounts Read Only access to employee records, including 'Public' Notes. Users may submit new employee records and provide updates directly to your database.


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