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Relocation Specialist

Who is Relocation Specialist?

Relocation Specialist is a part of Constellation Web Solutions and the Constellation Real Estate Group.  Constellation Web Solutions is a real estate marketing company that provides industry leading top real estate websites, mobile technologies, interactive voice response systems, and home builder marketing services.

We work with our customers to define strategies and implement innovative ways to grow their businesses by combining strategy, technology and real estate marketing to provide the best real estate websites available.


Our proven track record of award winning real estate website designs coupled with our lead generating tools provides you with a single source for real estate marketing. If your needs are for real estate website designs, interactive voice response systems, or real estate mobile marketing solutions we have you covered.


We have a successful 25 year history and an impressive client list. But what sets us apart is our ability to embrace emerging trends and apply new rules of marketing in ways that meet tomorrow's business demands. You can see it in the work we do. You can feel it in the enthusiasm our people bring to every challenge. Our Solutions generate results.

Constellation Real Estate Family

Through our brands, the Constellation Real Estate Group is committed to providing the best and most complete lead-to-close solutions for the real estate industry. Our products were designed specifically for real estate and span the entire real estate transaction, reliably, and without interruption.

As your technology partner, we help you manage and grow your organization at every step.

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