Relocation Specialist


Referral Submit Form

Provides online form or website link for agents and contacts to submit referrals to the Import table. No more re-entering

Scheduled Reports

Select WHICH report is sent to WHOM and WHEN to send, and Relocation Specialist does the rest

Drip Email Marketing

Create or upload your own content and have ReloSpec send on the dates you specif

Mobile Version

Access your data 24/7 from your smart phone, tablet or PC!

Agent Access Option

Provides READ ONLY access to records assigned to the age

Corporate Access

Provides READ ONLY access to employees of Corporate Contacts. License includes one (1) IDs/Password for Corporate Contact to login.

"I am a one-person relocation service center. It was a tremendous blessing to learn of Relo Spec at a conference many years ago. I could never handle the volume of leads and process all the requred updates without it. Jim and his staff have always been very supportive and responsive."

Linda Oliver, Real Estate III

Images Server License

Go Paperless! Provides uploading of files or images to store with individual records. Upload then view or email anytime from anywhere.
(Unlimited number of files at 5Mb each, and less than 5Gb total)

Maintenance: $130

+ $15 per user license

Large Images Server License

Same as Images option above, but with larger capacities.
(Unlimited number of files at 30Mb each, and less than 30Gb total)

Maintenance: $260

+ $15 per user license

Branch Option

Provides READ ONLY access to Branch Managers for their branch records only. License includes 5 IDs/Passwords for managers to login.

Setup: $130

Maintenance: $130

Website Lead Processing

“Post” leads from Customer website to ReloSpec database

Setup: $384

Maintenance: $247

3rd Party Lead Processing

“Post” leads from 3rd party services such as and to ReloSpec database

Setup: $514

Maintenance: $897


The Assistant monitors your database 24/7 and performs automatic functions whether you are logged in or not.

Setup: $150/Hour

Maintenance: $520

1 User License (Annual)


One Time Setup Fee: $400

Includes Basic (1-hour) training class on-line


Up to 1 hour data conversion, if needed


Additional Licenses (each):


One-time Setup Fee: $120 per license


Add'l Annual Maintenance: $200/license


Additional Database setup (each)


One-time Setup Fee: $400


Annual Maintenance Fee: $260

To get started you'll pay the One-time Setup Fee plus the first year's Annual Maintenance Fee. For each year after the first year you'll pay just the Annual Maintenance Fee. (Prices are subject to change.)

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