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Relocation Specialist



Referral Submit Form

Provides online form or website link for agents and contacts to submit referrals to the Import table. No more re-entering


Scheduled Reports

Select WHICH report is sent to WHOM and WHEN to send, and Relocation Specialist does the rest


Drip Email Marketing

Create or upload your own content and have ReloSpec send on the dates you specif


Mobile Version

Access your data 24/7 from your smart phone, tablet or PC!


Agent Access Option

Provides READ ONLY access to records assigned to the age


Corporate Access

Provides READ ONLY access to employees of Corporate Contacts. License includes one (1) IDs/Password for Corporate Contact to login.

"I am a one-person relocation service center. It was a tremendous blessing to learn of Relo Spec at a conference many years ago. I could never handle the volume of leads and process all the requred updates without it. Jim and his staff have always been very supportive and responsive."

Linda Oliver, Real Estate III

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